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Violence against elderly women is an acute gender issue that needs to be done

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  The Chairman of the Board of Zaporozhye charity Foundation “Unity” for the future” Tamara Ogorodova took part in the round table “16 days against violence: is this a one-time action or urgent problem of the Ukrainian society?” On 25 the of  November,in Zaporizhzhya national University on the International day of UN on the implementation of violence against women. Tamara Ogorodova noted that the acute problem is the violence against older women by their children and relatives who lead an asocial lifestyle. In fact, they put them on the brink of survival, taking a pension, forcing to beg or committing other illegal actions. Usually women do not report these issues to law enforcement or social services because they are afraid that their relatives will be grown in jail.Tamara Ogorodova think, that there is a need to conduct research on domestic violence against pensioner women  through the veteran’s organization, to have statistics and develop programs to protect and support this vulnerable category of population.

Як жінки у владі можуть впливати на прийняття важливих рішень, навчали місцевих жінок-депутаток у Бердянську

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10 червняу Бердянську пройшов навчальний семінар-тренінг для жінок-депутатів місцевих рад Запорізької області «Ґендерний аспект у роботі органів місцевого самоврядування», організований Запорізьким благодійним фондом «Єдність» за майбутнє»

Teleconference regarding gender equality between the 4 regions

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On the 7th of December in 2015 was held a teleconference between Zaporizhzhya, Kirovohrad, Kharkiv and Vinnytsia regions on the results of the local elections.The head of the project Tamara Ogorodova noted that Zaporizhzhya oblast is the leader in Ukraine by the number of women candidates in regional (34%) and city councils (37%). Three cities such as Vilnyansk, Primorsk and Vasilivka are headed by women.

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